Wentworth Falls

Nestled in the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls is a picturesque town, steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking natural wonders. 

Originally ‘Weatherboard,’ it witnessed the first Blue Mountains railway journey in 1867 and was later renamed in honor of explorer William Charles Wentworth. 

The Wentworth Falls track offers a short yet steep 1.4-kilometer return journey, treating hikers to Fletchers Lookout and the stunning Wentworth Falls waterfall. 

The picnic area in Blue Mountains National Park provides a scenic spot for relaxation before exploring nearby walking tracks and lookouts. 

The town’s vibrant community spirit is evident in local events, sports clubs, and the Wentworth Falls Lake with its picnic facilities. 

A few hours drive from Sydney, it is the perfect place to savor a day immersed in its rich history and the stunning landscapes of the Blue Mountains.

The heritage-listed sites in Wentworth Falls encompass notable locations such as the Blue Mountains National Park, renowned for its walking tracks. 

Additionally, sites like Davisville on 63-67 Falls Road, the Weatherboard Inn archaeological site on 1-15 Matcham Avenue, and ‘La Vista’ at 65 Blaxland Road contribute to the town’s rich historical tapestry.

When exploring the Blue Mountains, discover the magic of neighboring towns. 

Dive into the natural rock formations of Katoomba, unravel the gardens and caves near Oberon, or the glow worm tunnels in Lithgow.

Wentworth Falls Track

Starting from the Wentworth Falls picnic area in the Blue Mountains National Park, this short but steep walk unfolds its beauty over a 1.4km return trail. 

The descent of around 200 steps leads to the cliff-edge Fletchers lookout, a captivating vantage point that unveils the grandeur of the Wentworth Falls waterfall. 

As you continue along the trail, the track ascends to the very top of the falls, providing a mesmerizing perspective of Jamison Creek and the expansive Jamison Valley. 

You can choose to extend your exploration by opting for additional trails such as the Weeping Rock circuit, the Undercliff track, or the historic Princes Rock lookout track, each offering its unique scenic delights. 

Note that the Wentworth Falls track has sections of steep stairs, making it unsuitable for prams and lacking wheelchair access. 

You can reach the trail by taking the Great Western Highway to Wentworth Falls, turning onto Falls Road, and following the signs toward the national park. 

Parking is available at the Wentworth Falls picnic area, including designated disabled spots, with overflow parking on Falls Road. 

You can even hop on regular trains from Sydney Central Station to Wentworth Falls for a convenient and scenic nature getaway. 

Keep in mind that weekends and holidays tend to draw a crowd to the area. 

Study the map before embarking on your 45-minute to an hour-long Wentworth Falls hike.

Join a Blue Mountains group tour for an escape from crowds, exploring scenic views, charming towns, and lush rainforests. 

The one-day trip from Sydney includes Wentworth Falls and other popular highlights like Featherdale Wildlife Park and the Three Sisters in Katoomba. 

Picnic Area 

Perched atop a clifftop, the Wentworth Falls picnic area offers a breathtaking backdrop for a delightful lunch.

It also serves as a launchpad for exploration in the Blue Mountains. 

Families can enjoy ample space amidst banksias and gum trees, with fresh mountain air enhancing the dining experience. 

For those inclined to extend their post-lunch experience, a stroll along the track leading to Fletchers lookout awaits. 

From here, the mesmerizing views of Wentworth Falls waterfall and Weeping Rock unfold, offering a closer encounter with the wonders of the Blue Mountains. 

The more adventurous can opt for the longer Overcliff-Undercliff track, a medium loop along the dramatic cliff edge that leads to the Valley of Waters. 

With exhilarating vistas, it also provides an opportunity for birdwatching. 

The picnic area, a gateway to natural wonders, invites all to indulge in the beauty and tranquility of this remarkable corner of Australia.


Venturing into the Blue Mountains National Park from Wentworth Falls reveals a treasure trove of natural wonders at every turn. 

The landscape is adorned with enticing viewpoints such as Breakfast Point Lookout, Princes Rock Lookout, Queens Cascades, and Rocket Point Lookout. 

Each vantage point offers a unique perspective, showcasing the sheer beauty of the surroundings. 

A trek through the Valley of the Waters unveils additional marvels like Empress Falls, Sylvia Falls, Lodore Falls, Flat Rock Falls, and the sheltered Vera Falls. 

For those seeking a dash of adventure, Empress Falls is a popular spot for novice canyoners to abseil down its cascading waters, infusing an adrenaline rush into the serene environment. 

The Conservation Hut stands as a haven for relaxation, offering not only a chance to savor light snacks and hearty meals but also serving as a winner of the ‘Tourism Restaurant’ award.

Learn abseiling or canyoning experience in the Blue Mountains with an experienced instructor including all equipment and transportation to and from the meeting point.

Wentworth Falls Village and Lake

The charming Wentworth Falls Village, adorned with fine coffee shops along Station Street, offers a warm experience of the local community atmosphere. 

The historic Grandview Hotel along the Great Western Highway marks the gateway to Wentworth Falls.

Discover the scenic Charles Darwin Walk by turning into Falls Road on the south side, easily accessible from the streets behind the Grandview Hotel. 

Along the way, you can explore Central Park, Murray Park, and the Falls Gallery showcasing contemporary Australian artists. 

Complete your journey at Sir H. Burrell Drive’s picnic ground, offering a perfect spot to unwind.

A stroll over the railway bridge into Blaxland Road leads to Sinclair Crescent, guiding you to the must-see Wentworth Falls Lake

The lake, surrounded by picnic and BBQ facilities, safe swimming areas, shelter, and a children’s playground, offers a peaceful retreat.

Also perfect for kayaking and canoeing, the lake is one of its District Parks, offering wheelchair-accessible short walks. 

The scenic lakeshore is adorned with locally crafted sandstone sculptures, artfully depicting the seed pods of native plants.

You can also enjoy a round of golf at the Wentworth Falls Country Club’s 18-hole course, fully equipped with everything you need at the Golf Shop.

The village also hosts various festivals and events throughout the year.

The vibrant Wentworth Falls Autumn Festival in April, the creative showcase of the Wentworth Falls Public School Art and Craft Show in October, and the exhilarating Task Force 72 Annual Regatta in either November or December. 

Kings Tableland Area: Haunting Views and Ancient Aboriginal Sites

For those seeking more remote landscapes in Wentworth Falls Australia, the Kings Tableland area beckons. 

A drive to Ingar Picnic Ground unfolds haunting views, and the traditional land of the Gundungurra people reveals the ancient Aboriginal site, Kings Table. 

Careful preservation is essential in this area, with carbon dating indicating occupation dating back 22,000 years.

A popular stop along the Wentworth Falls to Woodford trail, Ingar Campground provides a serene escape with opportunities for picnics, creek swims, and encounters with the local wildlife, including eastern water dragons. 

As night falls, the campground transforms into a haven for observing sugar gliders, possums, and bandicoots, creating a memorable camping experience under the stars.

The ground also offers the opportunity for a 9.5 km Ingar trail for walkers and cyclists.

Getting to Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains, Australia, is easily accessed by an hour-and-a-half train ride from Sydney’s Central Station or a scenic 90-minute drive via the Great Western Highway. 

Blue Mountain group tours and private transfers from Sydney provide other convenient options for exploration.

By train

Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains Australia is conveniently accessible by train. 

The town is situated on the Main Western line, providing a direct rail connection from Sydney’s Central Station. 

You can take the Blue Mountains Line towards Mount Victoria via Parramatta from the Central Station, platform 5. 

The train ride unfolds picturesque landscapes and takes approximately an hour and a half, offering a comfortable and time-efficient travel option. 

Upon reaching Wentworth Falls train station, you can exit the station and head to the corner of Fletchers Road and Falls Road for a bus.

Learn more about public transportation in Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains here.

By car

For those opting for the flexibility of a car journey, Wentworth Falls is conveniently located on the Great Western Highway. Get directions

Approximately 100 kilometers west of Sydney’s central business district, the drive takes around 90 minutes, offering a scenic route through the Blue Mountains region.

Another advantage of driving is the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty and unique landscapes along the way.

Parking facilities are available at the Wentworth Falls picnic area, ensuring a convenient start to your exploration of this picturesque town.


Blue mountain group tours are another option for getting to Wentworth Falls. 

With transportation and pick-up from your location in Sydney, there are a number of different tours you can choose from. 

These allow you to leave the hassle of transportation logistics and embrace the excitement of exploring the stunning Blue Mountains.

For a more personalized journey, you can opt for a private round-trip transfer from Sydney to the Blue Mountains in an SUV for 1 to 4 people. 

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