Scenic World Blue Mountains


Scenic World, next to a World Heritage Site in the Blue Mountains, provides a self-guided outdoor adventure unlike any other.

Less than two hours away from Sydney, it houses rides and walkways to explore the cliffs, falls, and forests of the surrounding Jamison Valley.

Located high on an embankment across from the well-known Three Sisters, Scenic World was formerly the location of a coal mine that dates back to 1878. 

From the world’s steepest passenger railway to the most vertical aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere, it is home to some beautifully developed and maintained rides.  

Scenic World is open every day of the year, from 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 5 pm on weekends. 

Scenic World Blue Mountains’ opening hours are from 9 am to 5 pm throughout the summer, including school breaks.

Book the combination package of Scenic World and the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus to enjoy priority access to all rides at Scenic World and an all-day pass to the hop-on, hop-off bus.


Scenic World, founded in 1945, resulted from an innovative idea by Harry Hammon to turn a disused coal mine into a famous tourist destination. 

The first attraction was the steepest passenger railway, built on old coal skips and pre-existing rail tracks.

Today, with over a million visitors per year, Scenic World is still owned and run by the Hammon family. It offers award-winning activities.

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What to do 

The Blue Mountains Scenic World offers four main attractions: the Scenic Railway, the Scenic Walkway, the Scenic Skyway, and the Scenic Cableway.

From the Scenic World top station, 1,030 m above sea level, you can go down to the Jamison Valley floor by either the railway or the cableway. 

As you descend, take in the stunning views of the cliffs, forest, and neighboring attractions. At the valley’s floor, stroll along a 2.4 km boardwalk through the forest.

Take the Skyway to the Skyway East station – Scenic World for 360-degree views of the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, and Jamison Valley. It has glass windows on the walls, roof, and floor.

After all the exploring and walking, you can dine at the Terrace Café & Bar.

With the best view of the Blue Mountains, it serves exquisite meals, coffee, local beers, ice cream, and other beverages. 

Make the most of your day trip from Sydney and book the 10-hour tour to Katoomba Scenic World, Echo Point Lookout, and Featherdale Wildlife Park.

Scenic Railway

The Scenic Railway, inclining at a breathtaking angle of 52 degrees, is the world’s steepest passenger railway.  

It was constructed in the late 19th century to support the Katoomba coal mine until the Hammon family purchased the railway in 1945.

It has been a tourist attraction for over 70 years, with around 25 million visitors.

The railway, made up of red-colored carriages with glass roofs, carries up to 84 passengers and a scenic view across the rainforest landscape of Jamison Valley below.

The Scenic Railway Blue Mountains Australia exits the tunnel at the foot of the 310-meter fall and enters a stunning old-growth rainforest.

The train also offers adjustable seats with a 20-degree setting and a “Cliffhanger” 64-degree setting with a 52-degree initial stage of a 128% incline at 52 degrees. 

Scenic Walkway

The Scenic Walkway along a 2.4 km long path allows visitors to experience the stunning Blue Mountains scenery from a close-up perspective. 

The walkway was built to replace eroding old walking paths without causing any harm to or cutting down any trees.

It features an elevated path between historic trees and vibrant local flora and fauna, some of which date back to the Jurassic period.

Connecting the base of the Scenic Railway and Scenic Cableway, as a breather from the thrill of the attractions, the walkway takes you through the temperate rainforest of the Jamison Valley.

On this walk, you learn more about the area’s history, particularly the coal mine from 1878.

Remember to stop and look at the reproduction of a miner’s cottage, witness the miner’s entrance, and be amazed by a bronze statue of a miner and his pit pony.

Another stop includes the Marrangaroo Spring, where you may sample pure Blue Mountains water.

Relax in the open-air Rainforest Room while taking in the calm scenery and listening out for a few local birds, such as the melodious lyrebird.

If you arrive at the walkway during a rainstorm, you will see the dense canopy of the forest, capturing the water and protecting the earth from the heaviest rain.

The rain gives the Jurassic forest an eerie feeling and makes the wildlife, colors and sounds look alive.

Scenic Skyway

The Scenic Skyway takes you across the Blue Mountains cliffs, above the dense forest, in cabins with 360-degree views of the surrounding area. 

Along the way, you can view the main attractions at the Blue Mountains—the Three Sisters, Mt. Solitary, Katoomba Falls, and Jamison Valley.

Visitors can glide across the spectacular cliff tops enriched with thick foliage on the 720-meter journey on the glass floor.    

There are cabins with seating and a solid floor for those scared of heights, where you can marvel at the incredible vistas in front. 

The Scenic Skyway debuted in 1958 and was Australia’s first cable car. The current cabin, manufactured in Switzerland, can carry 84 passengers every 10 minutes. 

The Skyway docks on the east side of the Jamison Valley, where you can visit the Katoomba Cascades and Reid’s Plateau.  

Every cabin also comes with free Wi-Fi.

Scenic Cableway

The Scenic Cableway offers spectacular panoramic views of the Blue Mountains as it descends into the lovely surroundings of the Jamison Valley.

This steepest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere, launched in 2018, can carry 84 passengers simultaneously with Swiss-made cabins.

Along the 545 meters inside the enclosed cabin, you can see the Three Sisters, Orphan Rock, Katoomba Falls, and Mt. Solitary from unique points.

You will gradually descend to the bottom, where you can go on a 2.4-kilometer boardwalk.

It provides excellent connectivity and a seamless viewing experience with a streamlined boarding process and Wi-Fi access in every cable cart.

Combine your visit to Blue Mountains Scenic World with an all-day guide tour that includes the Three Sisters Lookout, Featherdale Wildlife Park, and a boat excursion on the Parramatta River.

Events and other experiences 

The Scenic World hosts a few events and experiences in the striking Jamison Valley for kids and adults to enjoy.  

Light The Way

An evening event at Scenic World ‘Light The Way’ starts at dusk and transforms popular attractions, including the Three Sisters and Katoomba Falls, into a brilliant light show. 

Thousands of lights, a silent nightclub dance floor, kid rides, and a light maze with music curated by local legends Hermitude will greet you.

Explore a family-friendly 1.3 km lighted circuit, the Blue Mountains City Council’s Katoomba Night-Lit Walk, with views of The Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, and other lookouts. 

The only cable car nightclub in the world, Disco Skyway, and food at the Bite Up The Night pop-up await you afterward.

The Gruffalo Spotters Trail

The Gruffalo Spotters Trail features a popular children’s book character, The Gruffalo.

The trip starts with hopping on the Scenic Railway to reach the Jamison Valley floor.  

Once on the elevated walkway among the deep, dark woods, you search for characters from The Gruffalo on a free app on your smartphone. 

The Gruffalo Spotter Trail offers 10- and 50-minute pathways to explore in addition to the 30-minute boardwalk.

Dinosaur Valley

Dinosaur Valley is an experience ideal for children between 3 and 15. 

In life-size models, you can see dinosaurs such as the T-Rex, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus.

It provides access to the Jurassic Jungle Gym, Fossil Dig, and Dino Disco, along with the main attractions, including the railway, skyway, walkway, and more.


Certain facilities available at Scenic World include:

Terrace Café & Bar

The Terrace Café & Bar at Scenic World, with the most incredible view of the Blue Mountains on the side, serves everything from hot meals and coffee to cold local beers and ice cream.

Enjoy local beers, wines, ciders, and grazing boards made with locally sourced ingredients. 

The Terrace Café & Bar serves all tastes and dietary requirements and is open to the public without requiring a Scenic World ticket.

Special events

Scenic World also accommodates venue hires for weddings, business gatherings, and other milestone celebrations.

You can celebrate your special day on the escarpment with a view of the spectacular Three Sisters and Jamison Valley.

Group reservation

Scenic World accepts reservations for groups larger than 15 and operates as a business or registered organization.

For more information, email info@scenicworld.com.au.

Also, if you want an overnight stay, there is a wide range of accommodation near Scenic World Blue Mountains.

How to get to Scenic World 

Scenic World Blue Mountains Australia is situated just 3 kilometers from Katoomba Station.

Accessible via the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus or public buses Route 686 & 686G, both stopping in the bus park. 

You can reach Scenic World from the Echo Point walk via a beloved and family-friendly route famous for its accessibility and breathtaking views. 

A leisurely 30-minute (2 km) stroll with captivating waterfall sights and expansive mountain panoramas will get you to Scenic World.

You can also reach by car. Free undercover parking is available on-site, with additional free parking options within a 3-minute walk during peak seasons. 

Scenic World address: Violet St & Cliff Dr, Katoomba NSW 2780, Australia

Know how to get to Katoomba Blue Mountains by train from Sydney and avoid the busy highways for a more relaxed and scenic journey.

Scenic World map

Scenic World Map

Source: scenicworld.com.au

The Scenic World Blue Mountains map provides a view of the various rides, walking trails, and scenic viewpoints near the Three Sisters rock formation.

Book a full-day trip from Sydney, including a Blue Mountain Scenic World ticket with access to three rides and a stop at Echo Point, Leura Village and Featherdale Wildlife Park.


How long do you need for Scenic World?

Typically, you’ll need about one to two hours at Scenic World to experience all three rides, a short walk, and potentially repeat the rides.

You can ensure a comprehensive visit without exceeding the two-hour mark.

Is Scenic World worth it in the rain?

Absolutely, Scenic World is worth visiting in the rain. 

The misty ambiance adds enchantment to the rainforest, making native wildlife more active and vivid. 

All the rides, including the Scenic Skyway and Scenic Railway, operate smoothly in the rain, ensuring a magical experience, even during wet weather.

What are Scenic World Blue Mountains opening hours?

Scenic World Blue Mountains is open daily, with weekday hours from 10 am to 4 pm and weekend hours from 9 am to 5 pm. 

During the summer and school breaks, the hours are consistently 9 am to 5 pm.

Featured Image: Dailytelegraph.com

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